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Rio Conventions Pavilion @ Rio+20, 13-24 June 2012


- Celebration of Women’s Leadership in Sustainable Development - In memory of Marie Khan. June 20, 5:00-7:00pm
- Special Panel Session on The Economics of Sustainable Development. June 20, 3:00-5:00


- 20-24 June - UPDATED Programme

Rio Pavilion ProgrammeDownload Full Programme English - Portuguese

* This programme may be subject to changes. Please contact us or Follow us on Twitter for more information.

Wed 13 June: Pavilion opening
15:15–16:45 The Roads from Rio - 20 years of the Earth Negotiations Bulletin
Organized by: International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD)
17:15–19:00 Rio Conventions Pavilion Opening Reception
Organized by: IISD, Rio Conventions, Global Environment Facility (GEF)
Thu 14 June - THEME: Africa Day and Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities Day - Presentations (.zip)
11:15–12:45 Economic Valuation of Land (EVL): an approach to advance sustainable development in the context of a green economy. Download background documents  (zip file)
African Development Bank, UNCCD Secretariat, Global Mechanism (GM)
13:15–14:45 Facilitating Green Growth in Africa: Perspectives from the African Development Bank
Organized by: African Development Bank
15:15–19:00 The Contribution of Traditional Knowledge to Climate Mitigation and Adaptation
Organized by: Conservation International, UNESCO, UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues
Fri 15 June - THEME: Ecosystem-based Adaptation Day - Presentations (.zip)
11:15–12:45 Ecosystem-based Approaches to Adaptation: Best Practice
Organized by: CBD and UNCCD
13:15–14:45 Economic Valuation of Land (EVL): an approach to advance sustainable development in the context of a green economy (part 2) - Download background documents (zip file)
Organized by: African Development Bank, UNCCD Secretariat, Global Mechanism (GM)
15:15–16:45 The Bonn Challenge – Restoring 150 million hectares of degraded landscapes by 2020. Download background documents (zip file)
Organized by: Global Partnership on Forest Landscape Restoration and CBD
17:15–19:00 Coastal Climate Change Solutions – from Principles to Practice. Download background documents
Organized by: UNEP DEPI
Sat 16 June - THEME: Oceans Day - Download background documents (.zip) - Presentations (.zip)
10:00-11:00 Renewing our political commitments: Perspectives on Rio+20
11:00-12:15 Scaling up integrated governance of the oceans
12:15-13:30 Lunch: Celebrating 10 Years of the Global Ocean Forum
13:30-14:30 The Living Ocean: Enhancing Fisheries for Food Security, Social and Economic Benefits
14:30-15:10 SIDS and Oceans: Building Resilience, Enhancing Social and Economic Benefits
15:30-16:20 Climate Change and Ocean Acidification
16:20-17:45 Toward the Blue Economy and Society: Perspectives, Experiences and Initiatives
17:45-18:30 Moving forward
18:30-20:30 Closing of Oceans Day
Organized by: Global Ocean Forum; SOA, China; GEF; UNDP; OPRF, Japan; University of Delaware; IOCUNESCO; UNEP; World Bank; Fórum do Mar; Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat; Seychelles; Republic of Vietnam; KORDI; WWF; World Ocean Network; TNC; FAO; CBD Secretariat; Caribbean LME Project; NRDC; SeaOrbiter
Sun 17 June - THEME: Securing Healthy Soils and Stopping Land Degradation within a Generation: Outcomes for Rio+20 World Day to Combat Desertification Global Observance Event. Download background documents - Programme - Presentations (.zip) - Report
11:00-12:30 High-level Round Table by Heads of Agencies: What sustainable land and soil management can do to achieve the Millennium Development Goals
13:30-14:50 Toward a Zero Net Land and Soil Degradation World
15:00-16:20 Global Soil Partnership
16:20-17:40 The Economics of Land Degradation
18:00-19:00 Global observance of the World Day to Combat Desertification - Land for Life Award Reception
Organized by: UNCCD Secretariat; Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), European Commission.
Mon 18 June - THEME: Business Day - Download full programme - Presentations (.zip)
11:15 Opening Remarks and Presentations
12:00 Business and the Conventions from Rio to Rio+20
14:15 Towards the Green Economy
15:45 Breakout Session: Bringing Industry into the Green Economy
Organized by: Rio Conventions and GEF
17:15–19:00 Natural Capital Declaration: Roadmap to Account for Nature. Download background documents
Organized by: UNEP Finance Initiative, Global Canopy Programme, Centre for Sustainability Studies at FGV (GVces)
Tue 19 June - THEME: Financing Sustainable Development Day - Presentations (.zip)
11:15–14:45 Natural Capital Solutions: Protected Areas meeting Global Environmental Challenges
Organized by: IUCN-WCPA and LifeWeb Initiative
15:15–16:45 Investing in Natural Capital in Africa, Asia and Latin America: Partnerships, Policies and Investments
17:15–19:00 Investing in Natural Capital: Pre-Launch of Mozambique's Green Economy Roadmap - enhancing long-term economic security and public prosperity
Organized by: African Development Bank, Asian Development Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, World Wide Fund for Nature, Natural Capital Partners, and the Government of Mozambique
Wed 20 June - THEME: Gender Mainstreaming Day - Presentations (.zip)
11:30–13:00 Mainstreaming gender in the Three Rio Conventions: Progress to date and way forward
Organized by: UN Women and Rio Conventions
15:00–16:30 Political Leadership and Gender (televised panel) and stakeholders panel
Organized by: UNFCCC
15:00–17:00 The Economics of Sustainable Development: High-level Panel featuring Lord Nicholas Stern, TEEB study leader Pavan Sukhdev, and ELD study leader Jeffrey Sachs.
Organized by: TEEB/UNEP/Rio Conventions
17:15–19:00 Celebration of Women’s Leadership in Sustainable Development
Organized by: GGCA, IUCN, and WEDO
Thu 21 June - THEME: 20th Anniversary of the Rio Conventions - Presentations (.zip)
08:30–10:00 Breakfast of the Rio Convention COP Presidencies
Organized by: Joint Liaison Group (JLG) of the Rio Conventions
11:15–12:15 Launch of the Pilot Partnership on National Implementation of Synergies among the Rio Conventions
Organized by: Rio Conventions, GEF, World Bank, European Commission, IUCN, Government of Japan, Government of Spain
12:30–13:00 Launching Mozambique’s Green Economy Roadmap - Report (PDF)
13:15–14:45 Why the 3 Rio Conventions are Critical to Achieving Poverty Eradication
15:15–17:45 How the UN System can Better Integrate Environment within the Development Framework (by invitation)
18:15–19:00 Celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Rio Conventions
Organized by: Rio Conventions and GEF
Fri 22 June - THEME: Cities Day / Pavilion Closing Event - Presentations (.zip)
11:15–12 :45 Local leadership driving global change
Organized by: ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability
13:15–14:45 Visioning - An Integrated Sustainable City
15:15–16:45 A Sustainable Future for our Children: The FURUSATO movement
Organized by: OISCA International
17:15–19:00 Rio Conventions Pavilion Closing Event
Organized by: Rio Conventions and GEF
Sat 23 and Sun 24 June, 10:00-19:00 Public Exhibition Days: Africa’s Lost Eden
Organized by: Parque Nacional da Gorongosa, National Geographic