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Nagoya CBD COP 10  —  October 2010 

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19 October - 20 October - 21 October  - 22 October - 23 October - 25 October - 26 October - 27 October - 28 October - 29 October


Watch Rio Pavilion Interviews from Nagoya

View Photos of the Rio Conventions' Pavilion on Flikr:


Interviews during the Rio Pavilion Events at CBD COP10

Donato B. Bumacas (5:41 min video), Founder, The Kalinga Mission for Indigenous Communities and Youth Development 

David Cadman (5:47 min video), President, ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability 

Matthew Cranford (3:32 min video), Global Canopy Programme 

Rigoberto Cuellar (2:36 min video), Minister, Ministry of the Natural Resources and Environment Secretariat (SERNA)

Ahmed Djoghlaf (8:05 min video), Executive Secretary, Convention on Biological Diversity 

Gustavo Fonseca (5:47min video), Head of Global Environment Facility's Natural Resources Team 

Christiana Figueres (7:18 min video), Executive Secretary, UNFCCC 

Delfin Ganapin (5:29 min video), Global Manager, GEF Small Grants Program 

Luc Gnacadja (9:09 min video), Executive Secretary, UNCCD 

Ana Luisa Guzman (6:06 min video es) Executive Secretary, National Commission for the Knowledge and Use of Biodiversity (CONABIO) 

William Jackson (4:23 min video), Deputy Director, IUCN 

Ambassador Ronald Jumeau (4:57 min video), Permanent Representative Permanent Mission of the Republic of Seychelles to the United Nations 

Pushpam Kumar (5:21 min video), TEEB 

Harald Lossack (3:59 min video), GTZ 

Paul Leadley (8:36 min video), Professor, Université Paris-Sud XI 

Nik Lopoukhine (3:11 min video), Chair, IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas 

Thomas Lovejoy (4:53 min video), Chief Biodiversity Advisor to the President of the World Bank,
Senior Advisor to the President of the United Nations Foundation 

Luis Fueyo MacDonald (2:35 min video), Commissioner, Natural Protected Areas, Mexico 

Dr. Kathy MacKinnon (4:57 min video), Deputy Chair, IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas 

Onel Masardule (2:11 min video), Executive Director, Foundation for Promotion of Indigenous Knowledge 

Andrea Michelson (3:47 min video) – Spanish version,IUCN

Ladislav Miko (5:02 min video), European Commission

Yukihiro Morimoto (5:17 min video), Professor, Kyoto University 

Edward Muller (17:49 min video), University for International Cooperation 

Adam Ole Mwarabi (5:21 min video), Maasai junior elder, Parakuiyo community in Tanzania 

Robert Nasi (2:59 min video), Principal Scientist, Environmental Services and Sustainable Use of Forests Programme 

Zdenka Piskulich (4:07 min video), Costa Rica Program Director, The Nature Conservancy 

Dr. Vanaja Ramprasad (4:09 min video), World Board Member, IFOAM

Ian Redmond (5:26 min video), Chief Consultant, GRASP - UNEP/ UNESCO Great Apes Survival Project 

Pavan Sukhdev (4:15 min video), TEEB 

Gaspar Vega (7:38 min video), Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment, Belize 

Alan Watt (4:47 min video), Deputy Science Director, Biodiversity Programme, Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, United Kingdom 

Jaime Webbe (9:10 min video), Secretariat Convention on Biological Diversity 

Mette Løyche Wilkie (2:45 min video), FAO